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Nusantara Software Industry (NSI) is aimed to be a pioneer in system-level software industry center in Indonesia. Not just a daylight dream, NSI has shown its capabilities in engineering and developing zJOS-XDI, an integrated automation software package for z/OS platform. Besides, in our philosophy, life should not for commercial business only. Everyone should care of each other. So therefore, in software business, we also provide non-commercial products since the beginning, even before NSI was started. We will never end in contributing to freeware world once we found a chance for it. Some are placed on CBTTAPE website, and some other were on Yahoo Geocities and gone while Geocities was closed. Below is a list of the most popular NSI freeware authored by the NSI founder: 1. CCAT – dynamic datasets concatenation for TSO/E 2. zCBT – rexx functions for automation 3. DRX MathPac – rexx mathematical functions 4. CPE – capacity and performance evaluation worksheets . 5. zBogor – Tiny web server coded in rexx


Ada di beberapa negara termasuk US, Malaysia, India dan Indonesia. Tapi karena pemakai bukan customer, secara formal kami tidak tahu kelembagaan mereka.

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