iPROCURA is an Integrated Supplier Relationship Management System covers p2p (Procure to Pay) among Sources, Vendors and Buyer(s) ecosystem

iProcura – eProcurement Application Solution consists of 5 Main Modules
1. Vendor Management (a Mandatory Module) consist of Vendor Master Data, Vendor Self Service Registration, Vendor Performance Evaluation, Vendor Development, Risk Management and Vendor Contact Management. The module serves as a full cycle of Vendor Management since its registration, vendor update data and up to Vendor Evaluation. Vendor Management module especially on Vendor Master Data can be synchronized with Vendor Master data on ERP system.

2. Sourcing supports end to end Procurement process from vendor selection, bid preparation, bidding process, bid evaluation, e-auction (reverse auction) up to Bid Winner proposal to be approved by Management. This sourcing module includes eAuction engine

3. Collaborative is a function of supporting purchasing process starts from Purchase Request by user, approval to purchase then processed by Sourcing Module and follow through select Bid Winner process approval and Purchase Order release. All processes is fully operated within iProcura environment.

4. Contract Management module serve in selecting and approving type of contract according to each type of purchase and vendor

5. Invoice and Payment module serves as mechanism for vendor to submit their invoice according their Purchase
Order or Contract, invoice payment process including tax management and link to Bank whenever host to host facilities are available

visit our iProcura through https://perdana.co.id/supplier-relationship-management/

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